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100 1357Depending upon the job, we'll travel or work to find you another professional in our network if they are a better fit for your needs....For commercial clients we provide full service window treatment care, cleaning and replacement. Whether you need help cleaning hundreds (or thousands) of blinds or doing a large drapery project, we have the staffing and experience to handle the job. Our clients include school districts, hospitals, senior living facilities and a range of professional buildings with many types of window treatments. We can clean on site or off depending upon what works best for the logistics of your situation.

Wired Tilter Mini IllustrationGive us a call. We'll be happy to review your needs and learn how our expertise may be able to deliver stress-free solutions, on-time and on-budget for this part of the project. Working with new construction, remodeling and restoration contractors and properties managers, we've saved several clients as much as $40,000 on their project. Not only do we have the product knowledge, repair and parts capabilities or cleaning equipment, we aren't afraid to provide solutions "outside the box" that are personalized to your needs and budget.

Some of our clients have hundreds of buildings and call upon us during remodeling or for repairs while others rely upon us for repairs, cleaning or replacements of window treatments in buildings with hundreds of units. We have professional blind installers and repair technicians on our team who are not only willing to work for you; we'll even work with your maintenance personnel (if you like) providing support and parts to save you money.

IC Drapery Job



Need new blinds, solar shades, verticals or other window treatments? We have accounts with all the major fabricators and will do the research to get you the best value for your budget. We will save you time, providing multiple bids and options from which your decision makers can select the best fit for your needs.

chicago00211We do everything by appointment, so early mornings, nights or Saturday projects are no problem. We weren't just in town to eat lunch or see the Willis Tower on this particular Saturday, as cleaning draperies was the priority.


Cleaning medical curtains

privacy curtain before afterCleaning medical privacy curtains is another specialty some of our crew does after hours for clients. We can service a complete hospital or specialty units like renal centers, out patient surgical suites and doctor's offices that call us periodically to clean their curtains. By doing them on-site there is no "down time" or need to improvise or find extra replacements. Pen lines, blood or other issues - we've pretty much seen it all in the past ten years...


Below is a unique project we recently completed - decorative fabric hangings. The hoop of the larger ring was ten feet in diameter and suspended about twenty four feet above the floor with an inner ring inside it. It took us twice as much time to get in position to clean the material as it did to actually clean the fabric.

Fabric hanging hoopFabric hangings